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        We work around the clock and offer a suite of services for your unique organizational needs. At Cube we understand that sometimes you need things done quickly. We also understand that image is important and that the impression you give to the world around you should be your best. The image and impression of your home or office impacts others like nothing else. For example, the level of organization of your office will give your clients an impression of how dedicated you are to your business. There are multiple ways that enhanced organization help you increase the feeling of being in control, and enjoying your life. At Cube Professional Organizers, we can help you take control of all your surroundings, and so ultimately creates calmness and clarity, which in turn, enhances your life.

        Cube Professional Organization services is now serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We offer general organization and consulting services for the following: Residential: moving materials, kitchens, bedrooms, garages, home offices, bookkeeping, document organization, bathrooms, photo archiving, children’s rooms, garden and yards, and travel organization. We also offer services for businesses: filing systems, reducing office clutter, and time management. Please check the customer testimonials and the services pages for other details.

        Many people think that this is a service only for the wealthy… this is not the case! Our Prices vary according to your organizational needs. We are trained in so many aspects of organization, and because to this, we offer a FREE consultation to determine your needs and an appropriate cost that fits your budget. Just give us a specific number and we will do everything we can for you to achieve your goals.

        Our Goals: We are a boutique company with a desire to grow throughout Los Angeles. In order to reach our goal of providing 100% satisfaction to our clients, we need to be flexible. As an example of this… we fully understand that some clients like to be personally involved in these tasks… so we are also able to act as a consultant, allowing clients to do the work, with professional guidance from Cube. This obviously saves money, and may well be suited to clients that have the time to undertake this!

        All our clients have different needs and in order to provide a variety of services to clients we employ gardeners, perfectionist cleaners, car detailers, and a growing list of additional consultants. If you are interested in enhancing your life and productivity through increased organization, don’t hesitate to contact Cube to enquire as to how our services might help you!

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