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Free Consultation 

We work around the clock and offer a selection of services for your unique organizational needs.

At Cube, we understand that sometimes you need things done quickly, without compromising the quality of the service. We also understand that image is important and the impression you give to the world around you, should be your very best. The level of organization and the uncluttered atmosphere of efficiency of your office, or your home, will give your clients the instant impression that you are dedicated to your business. 


Consider this…


Is it possible that you are distracted while at home because your house is in such disarray that it is damaging your relationships?

Perhaps your bedroom is to blame for your insomnia?

Could your closet be the culprit if you are often late for work or appointments?

The chaotic state of your home or business can wreak havoc on the harmony in your living space, and also hurt the bottom line of your business.

We can help you take control of all your surroundings, ultimately creating for you an environment and atmosphere of tranquility, clarity and happiness.

Cube, a Professional Organization service, has been serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas for over 10 years. Our customer testimonials offer first-hand accounts of the various services we have been commissioned for, and offer honest and accurate feedback. Our long list of satisfied clients and repeat business has made Cube, a reliable and reputable company for years. For a list of services Cube offers, please visit our service page.


Our prices vary according to your organizational needs. We are trained in many aspects of organization, and because this, we offer a FREE consultation to determine your needs and an appropriate cost that fits your budget. 


Our services are suited to professionals and hard working people on many levels that perhaps don’t have the time, due to work commitments, to create the environment that would so benefit them by reducing stress and enhancing mood and harmony.


The ability to delegate is the key for any successful person. 


Pricing starts at $70 per hour on most projects. We have before and after pictures on Instagram that show you what can be done in just 2 hours. Need organization on a budget? No problem.  Let us know and we can work within a budget you provide in order to achieve your goals.


We are a boutique Professional Organization company with a desire to grow. In order to reach our goal of providing 100% satisfaction to our clients, we need to be flexible. We fully understand that some clients like to be personally involved in these tasks… so we are also offering consultant service, allowing clients to do the work, with professional guidance from Cube. This obviously saves money and may well be suited to clients that have the time to undertake this!


Understanding that the needs of our clients are often different, and in order to provide a variety of services for them, we contract gardeners, cleaners, car detailers, and a growing list of additional professionals. If you are interested in accelerating your life and productivity through increased organization, please contact us.

I look forward to serving you!

Laura Carvalho.