About Us

My name is Laura Carvalho and I’m the Professional Organizer behind Cube PO. I’m from Brazil and I have a long list of formal training in many different skills… I’ve traveled to many countries before calling Los Angeles my home; and have lived in Australia, Canada and the UK. 

I am a very capable and independent person and I am well versed in a wide variety of skills…I can set a formal table for dinner, and can piece together any furniture, or change a shower head.  I can also OCR your documents or upgrade the memory, or hard drive on your computer; I can setup all your electronic devices and I can even change your bed sheets like a pro as well!


Organization allows me to use all my cards. One of my earliest memories puts me at 4 years old, annoyed because my color pencils were not in order. 

My mom, also a perfectionist and the source of my work ethic was my inspiration. My knowledge is a full bag of different experiences, DNA, family, training, seminars etc.… but I also refined my professional organization skills in QC Design School.


I love an organized, clean and peaceful house. 

After all these years, (over 10 years now), I also realize that I love to help people, and this job has created the perfect opportunity to use my gifts to do something positive in peoples’ lives and hopefully to impact this world even in a small but fulfilling way.


Today, I’m dedicated to making Cube a top name in the organization industry. Not only do we organize your home, but we can also organize your documents, goals, calendar and life. We also provide an educational experience with webinars, YouTube videos, public speaking in schools, small groups and the list keeps growing. The future is bright for Cube, let us restore organization in your life. 


Thank you for taking time to read this, hopefully I was able to give you some insight on who I am and why I’m so passionate about Organization.  I sincerely want to help people be in charge of their lives by being more organized.


I welcome your questions, please text me or if you prefer to schedule a day and time so we can chat, that would be great too! I wish you a great rest of the year.

(424)350-9800 cell