Packing & Unpacking: We can pack and unpack your whole house in one day if needed, or even day and night if necessary. We are proud to say that we have 100% satisfaction with our clients. Especially with this service, we have never had anything broken or missing during the process and that is something to be proud of. If you have moved before you know how hard is to have this achievement.

Clutter removal: For those really messy areas, we will de-clutter it; sort through everything; help you discard unnecessary stuff; establish a place to put things; and find a space for everything.

Closet organization: We organize any size closet to make it functional and easy to find things. 

Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, Living Room, Kids Room organization: We’ll organize every corner and make it functional.


Garages, Storage and Sheds: Our aim is to make your garage and other exterior spaces, functional, beautiful and an extension of your home, where you can easily store and find everything.

Document Management: If you need help with your paperwork, we organize everything in files in a traditional way; what’s better, forget about filing paper, it’s obsolete. We digitize all your documents making them PDF files in high resolution and store everything in an external Hard Drive right next to your computer with a copy in the cloud. To make things even easier we can make them all searchable OCR with key words, so you can find them even faster. We also can give training in how to maintain all data, and back-up systems to avoid data loss.


Time Management: Cube can help you establish time management strategies, techniques that produce effective results to achieving your goals. We help you find the reasons you don’t have time; we help you to setup a calendar that works.  We will find your time.


Computer and Phone Organization: We work with Mac’s and iPhone only… Nothing, absolutely nothing is deleted! We just organize everything in a way that makes sense to you. We backup before, just to be ultra safe… and afterwards so you are all set…


Room Makeovers: Remember the Pinterest bedroom that you wanted so badly, but you never found the time to do it? We can do that for you, but if you allow our creativity to fly, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised. We’ll make a plan to present to you, once all the details have been agreed upon, we can organize, paint, change the floor, shop and assemble the furniture, change or fix anything electrical and paint the room.


Cleaning: Because it’s a new service, we’re offering a 1 hour service ($35 value) free of charge so you can see how much can be done in one hour, understand the service, and hopefully became a client too.


Organization Consultation: Send us your pictures or a video and we will send you a video with all the suggestions, reasons, possible issues, web links of what to buy (if applicable), we will answer all your questions (text message) and refer professionals such as a painter, electrician etc. This $50 monthly service will give you access on all the Vimeo videos we have online. If you don’t find a video in a specific subject, please contact us and we will upload for you and send you the link.


Group Workshops: You choose the subject and leave the rest to us! Whether this be a group of your kids and their friends, neighbors, family, it can be a great way to pass on these life skills. Watch some of the Videos on YouTube and Vimeo to have a better idea of what to expect. We make organization fun!


Meal Prepping:  We wash, chop, prepare and leave everything ready to be cooked. We also cook for you at your house; meals for the week or for 30 days to be frozen. You choose the menu from the list we suggested specifically for you (vegetarian, pesquetarian, vegan, fit. Keto, Paleo etc.…).


Closet: We can make your closet so well laid out that you can be up and ready in 30 minutes or less! Most clients brief me on their desires or instincts and then allow me to get on with the job! Nothing gets discarded, sometimes I’ll put aside what I believe could be retired.


Life Coach:  Not your average Life Coach service! I will sit with you and analyze every corner of your life with an organizer perspective. Then we will discuss what you want, set goals, break them into small bites and setup your new schedule. This service will also give you full access to all the webinars we have on Vimeo, some discounts from our referrals like personal trainer, baby-sitter, therapist, lawyers etc...